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Yvonne Strahovski

OK you Chuck fans we got some awesome hot pics and video of that kick-ass blonde Yvonne Strahovski in nothing but her painted on skin-suit. And let me say that these pics could bring a new meaning to fire starter. Read on to check out the pics and video.


Star Trek apartment

Tony Alleyne who has spent over ten years and $150,000 transforming his 500 square-foot UK apartment into a replica of Star Trek's USS Voyager has lost it to his ex and is forced to rip everything down.


Priceline Negotiator Last Deal

William Shatner's character The Negotiator plunges to his death at the end of a new commercial just like James T. Kirk at the end of Star Trek: Generations. Is Priceline really saying goodbye to Shatner? Read on to check out the commercial and for the scoop...


Underworld Awakening

We have for you pictures, posters and a trailer for the fourth Underworld installment, called Underworld Awakening, which has sexy Kate Beckinsale returning as the vampire warrior Selene.


Troll Hunter

At last the US trailer for Troll Hunter has been released. That's right folks I said Troll Hunter. The film was screened at Sundance earlier this year and focuses on a group of filmmakers who are of course on the hunt for trolls. Take the jump to view the trailer.


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