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Priceline Negotiator Last Deal

William Shatner's Priceline.com character The Negotiator plunges to his death at the end of a new commercial just like James T. Kirk at the end of Star Trek: Generations. Is Priceline really saying goodbye to Shatner? Read on to check out the commercial and for the scoop...

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3rd Rock From the Sun
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Run Date: 1/09/1996 - 5/22/2001  137 Episodes 

Series Description:

3rd Rock From The Sun premiered on NBC on January 9, 1996. The series is about a group of aliens who come to Earth to study the life here. They need to blend in, so they take on human forms and names. they know nothing about being human or even that we have male and female sexes. The high commander of the mission, Dick, gets a job as a professor at the university and meets the love of his life, Dr. Mary Albright. The other crew members take on various forms. Sally, the mission's first officer who is in charge of security, has to be the woman. Depending on the show she either likes or hates this. Tommy, who is the intelligence officer and is actually the oldest crew member, gets to be a teenage boy complete with teenage hormones and teenage emotions. And then there's Harry. Harry doesn't seem to have a purpose on the mission other than communicating with the "Big Giant Head" (their boss who is light years away). In fact, Harry doesn't seem to do much of anything well. But he makes a hysterical job of his ineptness. The humor in the show is that by trying to learn about humans and fit in, they point out to us, the audience, things that are interesting, funny, sad, or just plain bizarre about our species. This, along with being the funniest show on television, makes it hip beyond hip.


3rd Rock From the Sun Cast Members:
John Lithgow ....................... Dick Solomon
Jane Curtin ........................ Mary Albright
Kristen Johnson .................... Sally Solomon
Joseph Gordon-Levitt ............... Tommy Solomon
French Stewart ..................... Harry Solomon

Opening Narrative:

(Episodes 2-9; Narrator: James Earl Jones)

"As many intelligent people know, aliens are all around us. This is the story of a band of four such explorers. In order to blend in, they have assumed human form. (Dick Solomon Appears) This is the High Commander. He has assembled an elite team of experts. (Sally Solomon Appears) A decorated military officer. (Tommy Solomon Appears) A seasoned intelligence specialist. (Harry Solomon Appears) And... well, they had an extra seat. They say the Earth started with just two humans, now there are 5 billion of them ... someone needs to turn a hose on them.

(Note: Episodes 2-9 then continued with a quip that changed each week:)

Episode #2: "The earth is a primitive place, notable for its pollution, squandered resources, and violent upheavals. But man, you should taste the doughnuts!"

Episode #3: "The earth revolves around the sun. But ask most humans, they'll say it revolves around them."

Episode #4: "The people of earth sometimes divide against each other based on national origin or skin color. Of course, no one else in the galaxy can tell them apart."

Episode #5: "The earth is actually two-thirds water...about the equivalent of scotch at a cheap wedding."

Episode #6: "They say earth started with just two humans. Now there are five billion of them. Someone needs to turn a hose on them."

Episode #7: "The earth is populated by millions of beautiful women. And those who aren't beautiful have great personalities."

Episode #8: "The earth is covered with a deep, hard crust ... although it does have a wonderful chewy center."

Episode #9: "Earth is a place where backing down causes ego problems, and backing up causes severe tire damage."

(Note: Thereafter, the entire opening narrative was changed to this short version:)

"As many intelligent people know, aliens are all around us. This is the story of four such explorers."

(Note: Later, in syndication, the shortened version was used for all episodes!)


Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First Season

1... Pilot (1/9/1996)
2... Post Nasal Dick (1/16/1996)
3... Dick's First Birthday (1/23/1996)
4... Dick Is From Mars, Sally Is From Venus (1/30/1996)
5... Dick, Smoker (2/6/1996)
6... Green-Eyed Dick (2/13/1996)
7... Lonely Dick (2/20/1996)
8... Body & Soul & Dick (2/27/1996)
9... Ab-Dick-Ted (3/4/1996)
10. Truth Or Dick (3/12/1996)
11. The Art Of Dick (3/19/1996)
12. Frozen Dick (3/26/1996)
13. Angry Dick (4/2/1996)
14. The Dicks They Are A-Changin' (4/9/1996)
15. I Enjoy Being A Dick (4/21/1996)
16. Dick Like Me (4/23/1996)
17. Assault With A Deadly Dick (4/30/1996)
18. Father Knows Dick (5/7/1996)
19. Selfish Dick (5/14/1996)
20. See Dick Run - Part 1 (5/26/1996)

The Second Season

21. See Dick Continue To Run - Part 2 (9/22/1996)
22. See Dick Continue To Run, Continued - Part 3 (9/22/1996)
23. Hotel Dick (9/29/1996)
24. The Big Angry Virgin From Outer Space (10/6/1996)
25. Much Ado About Dick (10/13/1996)
26. Dick The Vote (10/27/1996)
27. Fourth And Dick (11/3/1996)
28. World's Greatest Dick (11/10/1996)
29. My Mother The Alien (11/17/1996)
30. Gobble, Gobble, Dick, Dick (11/24/1996)
31. Dick Jokes (12/8/1996)
32. Jolly Old Saint Dick (12/15/1996)
33. Proud Dick (1/5/1997)
34. Romeo & Juliet & Dick (1/12/1997)
35. Guilty As Dick (2/2/1997)
36. Dick On One Knee (2/16/1997)
37. Same Old Song And Dick (3/9/1997)
38. I Brake For Dick (3/16/1997)
39. Dick Behaving Badly (3/23/1997)
40. Dickmalion (3/30/1997)
41. Sensitive Dick (4/27/1997)
42. Will Work For Dick (5/4/1997)
43. 15 Minutes Of Dick (5/11/1997)
44. Dick And The Single Girl (5/11/1997)
45. A Nightmare On Dick Street - Part 1 (5/18/1997)
46. A Nightmare On Dick Street - Part 2 (5/18/1997)

The Third Season

47. Fun With Dick And Janet - Part 1 (9/24/1997)
48. Fun With Dick And Janet - Part 2 (9/24/1997)
49. Tricky Dick (10/8/1997)
50. Dick-In-Law (10/15/1997)
51. Scaredy Dick (10/29/1997)
52. Moby Dick (11/5/1997)
53. Eleven Angry Men And One Dick (11/12/1997)
54. A Friend In Dick (11/19/1997)
55. Seven Deadly Clips (12/3/1997)
56. Tom, Dick, And Mary (12/3/1997)
57. Jailhouse Dick (12/17/1997)
58. Dick On A Roll (1/7/1998)
59. The Great Dickdater (1/21/1998)
60. 36! 24! 36! Dick! - Part 1 (1/25/1998)
61. 36! 24! 36! Dick! - Part 1 (1/25/1998)
62. Pickles And Ice Cream (1/28/1998)
63. Auto Eurodicka (2/4/1998)
64. Portrait Of Tommy As An Old Man (2/25/1998)
65. Stuck With Dick (3/18/1998)
66. My Daddy's Little Girl (4/1/1998)
67. The Physics Of Being Dick (4/15/1998)
68. Just Your Average Dick (4/28/1998)
69. Dick And That Other Guy (4/29/1998)
70. Sally And Don's First Kiss (5/6/1998)
71. When Aliens Camp (5/13/1998)
72. The Tooth Harry (5/20/1998)
73. Eat, Drink, Dick, Mary (5/20/1998)

The Fourth Season

74. Dr. Solomon's Traveling Alien Show (9/23/1998)
75. Power Mad Dick (10/7/1998)
76. Feelin' Albright (10/14/1998)
77. Collect Call For Dick (10/21/1998)
78. What's Love Got To Do, Got To Do With Dick (10/28/1998)
79. I Am A Dick Pentameter! (11/4/1998)
80. D III: Judgement Day (11/11/1998)
81. Indecent Dick (12/8/1998)
82. Happy New Dick! (12/15/1998)
83. Two-Faced Dick (1/5/1999)
84. Dick Solomon Of The Indiana Solomons (1/12/1999)
85. Dick And Taxes (2/2/1999)
86. Sally Forth (2/9/1999)
87. Paranoid Dick (2/16/1999)
88. The House That Dick Built (2/23/1999)
89. Superstitious Dick (3/2/1999)
90. Y2dicK (3/16/1999)
91. Dick The Mouth Solomon (4/6/1999)
92. Citizen Solomon (4/27/1999)
93. Alien Hunter (5/4/1999)
94. Dick v. Strudwick (5/11/1999)
95. Near Dick Experience (5/18/1999)
96. Dick's Big Giant Headache - Part 1 (5/25/1999)
97. Dick's Big Giant Headache - Part 1 (5/25/1999)

The Fifth Season

98. Episode I: The Baby Menace (9/21/1999)
99. Dick For Tat (9/28/1999)
100. The Fifth Solomon (11/2/1999)
101. Dial M For Dick (11/9/1999)
102. Dick And Tuck (11/16/1999)
103. Dick, Who's Coming To Dinner (11/23/1999)
104. Sex And The Sally (11/30/1999)
105. Charitable Dick (12/14/1999)
106. The Loud Solomon Family: A Dickumentary (1/11/2000)
107. Gwen, Larry, Dick & Mary (1/25/2000)
108. Dick Puts The Id In Cupid (2/8/2000)
109. Big Giant Head Returns (2/22/2000)
110. Rutherford Beauty (2/22/2000)
111. This Little Dick Goes To Market (3/14/2000)
112. Youth Is Wasted On The Dick (3/21/2000)
113. Dick Strikes Out (3/28/2000)
114. Shall We Dick? (4/18/00) 115. Dick And Harry Fall In A Hole (5/2/2000)
116. Frankie Goes To Rutherford (5/9/2000)
117. Dick Solomon's Day Off (5/16/2000)
118. The Big Giant Head Returns Again (5/23/2000)

The Sixth Season

119. Les Liaisons Dickgereuses (10/24/2000)
120. Fear And Loathing In Rutherford (10/31/2000)
121. Indickscretion (11/14/2000)
122. Dick'll Take Manhattan - Part 1 (11/21/2000)
123. Dick'll Take Manhattan - Part 2 (11/28/2000)
124. Why Dickie Can't Teach (12/5/2000)
125. B.D.O.C. (12/12/2000)
126. Red, White & Dick (12/19/2000)
127. Dick Digs (1/9/2001)
128. There's No Business Like Dick Business (1/16/2001)
129. A Dick Replacement (1/30/2001)
130. Dick's Ark (2/6/2001)
131. You Don't Know Dick (2/13/2001)
132. My Mother My Dick (2/20/2001)
133. Glengarry Glen Dick (4/17/2001)
134. Dick Soup For The Soul (5/1/2001)
135. Mary Loves Scoochie - Part 1 (5/8/2001)
136. Mary Loves Scoochie - Part 2 (5/15/2001)
137. The Thing That Wouldn't Die (5/22/2001)




3rd Rock from the Sun dvd set

3rd Rock From the Sun Wallpapers 

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3rd Rock from the Sun 3rd Rock from the Sun -002
3rd Rock from the Sun -003 3rd Rock from the Sun -004



3rd Rock From the Sun trivia
In the first 3rd Rock from the Sun episode where William Shatner appeared as the "Big Giant Head", he and Dick Solomon (John Lithgow) both say that they once had a terrible airplane ride. That was a reference to the fact that both actors appeared in a Twilight Zone segment titled, "Nightmare At 20,000 Feet" where their characters saw a monster ripping apart their airplane while no one else on board saw anything. Shatner's appearance was in 1963 on an episode of the original Twilight Zone TV show and Lithgow's was in the 1983 Twilight Zone movie remake of the same story.

Did you ever notice that the main male characters' names on 3rd Rock from the Sun were "Tom, Dick, and Harry"?

NBC changed 3rd Rock From The Sun's time-slot a dozen times during its run!

Did you notice that Dick Solomon's dialogue got pretty technical once in a while for a goofy comedy? In order to add some authenticity to John Lithgow's character, Physicist Brian Greene wrote some of his lines.

One of Dick Solomon's students on 3rd Rock from the Sun was named, "Leon". He was played by actor Ian Lithgow, John Lithgow's real-life son!




Justin Mentell

Actor Justin Mentell, a actor that recently appeared in the G-Force movie and played lawyer Garrett Wells on ABC's Boston Legal, died in a SUV accident in rural Wisconsin on Monday. He was 27 years old.

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