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Sierra 05 May 2011
ilove the bookbut inevergot a chance to see he movie but if it is as good as the book and as it looks icant to see...thats why im going to tr my hardest to see this movie!
uuu 06 May 2011
Moira 21 May 2011
freddie highmore... He's so hot... Want this on DVD :lol: :lol:
AnimeFreak777 25 May 2011
Love this show with all my heart! :lol:
sager 29 May 2011
maham awan 29 May 2011
it was a fail
maryam 29 May 2011
it was so so so so so so so so so awesome and so so so so much funny and tum tum was so cute and funny. i loved it!!!!!!!!!! :lol:
usamedin 31 May 2011
very nice movie a perfect example how a father should agree with his son
koko 03 June 2011
wanna see this movie
koko 03 June 2011
nice picture

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