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Chris McKeown 15 April 2011
Olivia Wilde is so hot. And she is a good actress. :-)
Sierra 05 May 2011
Happy Birthday Katrina..and ilove the book but inever got a chance to see the movie but im going to try my harest to see it!
Pescado 10 May 2011
You forgot to add "Silent Tongue" by Sam Shepard filmed in 1992, released in 1994. It was in this role that Dermot first met River Phoenix, who then recommended him for the the movie "The Thing About Love".
bonito0 28 May 2011
I like :-)
datsun 29 May 2011
Chris McKeown 30 May 2011
Kate Beckinsale is a awesome actress and a hottie. ;-)
Danny 02 June 2011
Kelly, your a spectacular
Cat 20 June 2011
Wow his birthday is today!!!!!! Wow he is really cute. Happy birthday Atticus. Cool1
Daniboy 24 June 2011
Happy birthday! Beautiful man
Daniboy 24 June 2011
You're f*** beautiful!! Lets get merried!

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