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Smallville Quotes Season 5             



"One journey has ended. A new journey is about to begin." - Jor-El     

"I'm beginning to get the impression that lying is an unshakable habit of your's." - Lex Luthor     

Lois: Clark, really, you should't have! Clark: Actually, I didn't.     

"I know you're faster than a speeding bullet, Clark - mind taking me along for the ride?" - Chloe Suillvan     

"You're not just a're a superhero." - Chloe Suillvan



"Destiny's just another word for not having a choice." - Clark Kent     

Lex: Happiness is such an elusive creature, isn’t it? We all wish for it but very few ever really find it.
  Chloe: Doesn’t make the search any less important.
       Lex: Or the destination.     

Clark: Well, normally, I'd just rip open the door, super speed past the cameras, and somehow open the vault with my heat vision.
       Chole: So what you're saying is: now that you are human, you have no useful skills.
       Clark: Not so much.



I guess I'll never be able to escape who I really am." - Clark Kent



"It's a complicated world, Clark. Only the naïve view it in black and white." - Lex Luthor     

A.C.: I've got a buck.
       Lois: Yeah? You should use it to buy some fashion sense.     

"Don't apologize. If you're going to be late, at least be late with conviction." - Milton Fine     

Clark: I didn’t ask for this life.
  Chloe: We didn’t ask for a world that needs heroes, but the truth is we do. Now more then ever, Clark.     

"You might be a big fish in the water, but up here I’m the shark." - Lex Luthor     

Clark: You know, the other day a professor of mine, he accused LuthorCorp of being evil, and you just short of being the devil.
  Lex: Well, you didn’t tell him about my pitchfork, did you?     

"Lois, I promise,'ll meet someone even more special." - Clark Kent



Chloe: How are you ever going to live without Clark?
  Lois: One word – blissfully.     

"We all need to believe in heroes, Clark, and even the best ones are far from perfect." - Lex Luthor



"Lex is an extraordinary young man – he’s always had an extraordinary appetite for power. But if he succeeds in this first foray into the political arena, I’m afraid he’ll develop such a fierce taste for it he’ll go on to devour the whole world." - Lionel Luthor


Lana: Why is it different, Lex?
  Lex: Because there are some doors that can’t be closed once they’re opened.



"Impatience is such a pathetic human trait." - Professor Fine     

Lionel: I wonder, do they know about the sort of things you keep hidden behind closed doors.
  Lex: Ooh – you must be referring about our deep dark family secrets. Don’t worry – I won’t embarrass you.     

"I want you to know, I'm more than ready to give up my life for the life of my child." - Martha Kent



"We Luthors are made of pretty tough and definitely expensive material." - Lex Luthor     

"And you know what the secret to living happily ever after is? Power ! Money... and power ! Since when you have those two things, you can secure everything else. And keep it that way..." - Lex Luthor



Lionel: How does it feel, Lex, to have people worship you?
       Lex: Being the idol for a cult of psychopaths isn't exactly a power trip, Dad.     

Samantha: You're losing your edge, Lex.
       Lex: And you're clearly over it.



"You're going to make a great politician, Luthor. You almost sound like you believe your own lies." - Flynn



Lana: When do you start caring what people think of you?
       Lex: Since I was branded at birth with the sins of my father     

Your powers on Earth may seem extraordinary, Kal-El, but we are not gods. - Jor-El     

A heart beats only so many times in a life. Your father used his more then anyone I know. - Martha Kent



Lionel: It must be humbling to pull all those strings and find out they’re attached to nothing.
       Lex: Especially when your father is the one holding the scissors.     


"This is your destiny, son. You are going to touch the lives of so many people. Not just as a man, but as a symbol. You’re a symbol of peace. You’re a symbol of justice. And now it’s time for you to go" - Jonathan Kent



"You're still obsessing over him after all these years? Clark Kent is a simple farm boy. Let it go, Lex...let it go." - Lionel Luthor



"I don’t owe Clark anything, Lex – especially the truth" - Lana Lang



"Challenging upper management often leads to a bout of unemployment." - Lex Luthor     

"Lex: You’re the one who taught me – keep your friends close and your enemies closer." - Lex Luthor     

Clark: Look for anything my dad might be warning me about.
  Chloe: I can’t exactly search for a file named “My Evil Scheme.”



"You made a deal with the devil. He always comes to collect." - Lionel Luthor



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