Fans Prepare to Welcome Supergirl to ‘Smallville’

Meanwhile, fans are looking forward to hearing more about Kara, as evidenced by the positive chatter going on all over the web regaurding the cast addition. This is in sharp contrast to the news that two new women have joined the cast over at Supernatural, which has fans in an uproar. This may be due to the fact that Supergirl is an already-existing part of the Superman story as told in DC comics, whereas the Supernatural newbies are unknown for now.


‘Smallville’ To Present SUPERGIRL at Comic-Con

Kara was born on Krypton to Jor-El’s brother, Zor-El, and sent out in a lifepod to follow young Kal-El and keep an eye on him as he grew up an alien world. But when technical problems caused her pod not to open, she remained in suspended animation while the boy grew up on Earth to become Clark Kent. Teenage girls can be trouble in the best situation, but having a younger cousin who is seemingly older than she is might be one of the reasons that Kara develops a wide streak of rebellion and takes on a flair for the dramatic. She’ll join the show in the upcoming seventh season premiere.


Smallville executive producer Al Gough called it a “joy” to be able to use the show as a platform to “reinvent and reinterpret classic DC Comics characters. . . Supergirl will give our series the mythic jolt that it needs as we head into our seventh season.” The CW has decided to stick with what works, and they’re keeping the show in it’s 8 PM Thursday timeslot when the new season begins.

Another Superhero Heads for Smallville

But a glitch in her lifepod’s systems left Kara Zor-El in suspended animation for nearly two decades, and when… the burst dam of the sixth season finale causes her to wake up, she realizes that she is now younger than her baby cousin. 

What’s a hot stranded alien girl to do?? Apparently the only thing one can do in these situations: go shopping. Kara quickly becomes enamored with iPods and make-up, proving that really she’s just like any teenage girl. Oh yeah, except for the fact that she’s Supergirl, which means she can fly, see through things, and quickly change clothes inside a telephone booth. According to series producer Al Gough, Supergirl will have “all of Clark’s powers and a couple he doesn’t have yet.” The part has not yet been cast.