‘Smallville Legends: Justice and Doom ‘ New “Content Wrap” Ad Campaign

into the commercial, making it look more like a part of the show itself and, hopefully, making it more appealing to audiences. Toyota’s Yaris vehicle will be in the spotlight in this new advertising ploy.

Each of the Toyota spots will direct viewers to an online video game at http://justice.cwtv.com/user/smallville/landing. The game offers five challenges relating to the previous five Smallville episodes, with a mysterious figures guiding players through the game. Other tie-ins for Toyota and Smallville will include a cross-carrier mobile phone campaign, a street-team distributing game clues in target cities, and a sweepstakes offering a Toyota Yaris as the grand prize.

Longtime fans of the show will be able quench their craving for more content, including answers to unexplained questions dating back to the beginning of the show, back stories behind major plot-lines, the secret history of Oliver Queen’s team, and more.







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