‘True Blood’ Season Three Newbies

First we have actress Shannon Lucio, who played Lindsay on 'The O.C.', she has been cast as Bill's wife Caroline, remember she's the one he didn't return to after being turned into a vampire during the Civil War. We have seen this character back in season one, and no this defiantly isn't the same actress. Apparently Caroline is a crucial factor for this season.

Next we have Marshall Allman who played LJ on 'Prison Break', has grabbed the role of Tommy, none oyher than Sam's younger brother. Year three be will delving very heavily into the Merlotte's family tree, and we should be getting some info on casting news for Sam's mother and father pretty soon.

Shannon Lucio Marshall Allman

I'm not so sure about these two newbies, but 'True Blood' has astounded us so far with their cast picks so hopefully they have made the right decision again, if not I'm sure they can be drained pretty quickly. As new info arises we will let you know.

Stargirl and Hawkman Heading to Smallville


But the news doesn't stop there, guess who is portraying Hawkman? None other than Stargate SG1's Michael Shanks. Go ahead and scream you Shanks fans, I know you want too! And yes that is Shanks in the photo. Anywho Dr. Fate will be played by Brent Stait, and Stargirl will be played by Britt Irvin. Also more Justice Society characters are expected to appear in the episodes.

Johns last season's "Legions" episode that featured members of DC Comics "Legion of Super-Heroes" is so far one of the best episodes ever of Smallville's 9 year run. John's script was heavy on the inside jokes and comic references, and all the actors did a fantastic job portraying some of DC's more obscure heroes.

So make sure to tune in as I am sure you won't be disappointed.