Smallville “Booster”

Synopsis: After everything that happened with the VRA, Lois (Erica Durance) tells Clark (Tom Welling) it’s best to make Clark Kent forgettable and awkward so people don’t suspect he’s The Blur. However, the two are stunned when a fame-hungry superhero from the future, Booster Gold (guest star Eric Martsolf), sweeps into town and begins making saves and posing for press ops, completely winning over the city of Metropolis. Booster begins his campaign to take The Blur’s place as the ‘World’s Greatest Superhero’ and tries to charm Lois into writing a story about him, but she’s not having his antics and begins her own campaign for The Blur. During one of Booster’s saves, an alien weapon in the form of a scarab falls from a truck and fuses itself to a boy named Jaime Reyes (guest star Jaden Brandt Bartlett), turning him into the Blue Beetle. Unfortunately, Jaime is unable to control the suit and Blue Beetle starts attacking Metropolis.

The episode was written by Geoff Johns and was directed by Welling.

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Smallville Just May Get a Season 10


“I think creatively, we’ve been happy with the show. And it’s gotten to the point where Friday nights have improved for us, so it looks good. But we don’t know, because it’s really too early. It’s January and we don’t have to make these decisions until May. But it’s increased our adult 18-34 and it certainly has increased our men 18-34 on Friday nights. Creatively, I think it’s been in a good place. I think Tom [Welling]’s still having a good time with it. I think he’s enthusiastic about it. So, we’ll see where we are a few months from now.”


She went to say: “Clearly, we’re going to have a great season finale, as we would for any year, and whether or not it will be a show finale, we don’t know yet. We haven’t really talked about it, because they’re not that far along yet in the storylines, but I think it will be a good season finale for sure. And if the show doesn’t come back, I think it will be a sort of really last minute decision, because either development [for new series] was great or the show wasn’t doing as well on Friday nights. But we still have a whole half a season to go before we have to determine that.”


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When Will Clark Kent Fly??

who he is. She’ll be providing him “an insight into his family and his birth planet,” both of which seem pretty messed up to us mere mortals. The information overload lead’s to Clark’s “struggle between his Kryptonian heritage and his earthly upbringing,” which will be a central theme throughout the season.

Another main focus will be the ultimately doomed relationship between Clark and Lana (Kristin Kreuk). Gough commented that “The fact is, Clark loves Lana… She is that crucial first relationship that helps define him and his future relationships with women.  The fact that he screws it up so badly, no matter how hard he tries, is one of the reasons he ends up with Lois [Erica Durance].  Remember… our story is the journey, not the conclusion.”

Chloe (Allison Mack) and Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) will continue to see great storylines as well, including Chloe’s continuing association with Oliver and new allies for Lex. “There may also be someone on the show who is currently on Lex’s side and we don’t know it yet,” Gough added cryptically.

Smallville airs Thursdays at 8 on the CW.