2008 Scream Awards is Upon Us

This summer’s mega-blockbuster “The Dark Knight” tops the list with 21 nominations including The Ultimate Scream, Best Superhero, Best Villain, Best Director, Most Memorable Mutilation and Best Fantasy Movie. “Iron Man” came in second with 14 nominations and “Hellboy II: The Golden Army” is next in line with 13 nominations. (A full list of categories and nominations are included in the press release).

Ballots were sent out to Spike TV’s “SCREAM 2008” advisory board, made up of respected and well-known members of the horror, sci-fi, fantasy and comic book worlds who were responsible for advising on categories and determining nominees in each category. All films, television shows and comic books were deemed eligible for inclusion if they were released between August 11, 2007 and August 8, 2008 and were representative of the genres listed. Winners will be determined by online voting at spike.com.

Lex Goes Bad in Smallville Season 7

He also teased that the coming season will be the “biggest year of all.” The sixth season of the show featured a Lex/Lana wedding, a Lois/Green Arrow love affair, and the formation of the Justice League. Both the showrunners and the audience are aware that this is likely the final season of the show, and that will allow producers to put the characters just where they need to be before the end.